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Pickles are pretty awesome, especially deliciously crunchy Oh Snap! pickles, and our press center is no different! It provides the freshest information on our products, along with important resources and quality imagery.

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Char Van Vreede
Product Development Manager
P: 920-560-6459

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Oh Snap! Celebrates National Pickle Day Nov. 14, 2015
Product News
GLK Foods Launches New Pickle Product Line with Oh Snap! Pickling Co.
GLK Foods is pleased to announce the nationwide launch of their Oh Snap! Pickling Co. brand, which includes three varieties of fresh-packed, single-serve pickles.
Gone Dilly Fact Sheet

The Gone Dilly is our fresh whole kosher dill pickle. Seasoned with a great tasting, classic dill flavor, this individually wrapped pickle makes for easy snacking and less of a mess.

Learn more about our grab-and-go dill pickle by downloading the Gone Dilly fact sheet.

Dilly Bites Fact Sheet

Our Dilly Bites make eating pickles even easier by slicing our classic dill pickle into perfectly sized snacking cuts. Pickle lovers of all ages agree – Dilly Bites are the perfect combination of flavor, crunch, and convenience.

Learn more by downloading the Dilly Bites fact sheet.

Hottie Fact Sheet

The Hottie is our whole dill pickle that gives your taste buds a little kick. Great tasting with just the right amount of heat, this hot pickle wakes up your snacking routine and packs a healthy, fresh crunch, too.

Learn more about this popular hot n’ spicy dill pickle by downloading the Hottie fact sheet.

About GLK Foods

For more than a century, GLK Foods has been a pioneering force in the world of sauerkraut and even became the world’s leading producer along the way.

Now, GLK Foods is innovating the pickle market with their recently launched Oh Snap! Pickling Co. brand.

Learn more about GLK Foods’ history by downloading our company history sheet.