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Company Announcements; Promotions
GLK Foods Extends OH SNAP!® Product Line with Pretty Peas
GLK Foods announces the newest pickled veggie available under their OH SNAP!® brand — Pretty Peas!
Oh Snap! Celebrates National Pickle Day Nov. 14, 2015
Product News
OH SNAP!® Dilly Bites in the Top-Selling New Products in the United States This Quarter
NACS Top 10 Cool New Product Winners 2016
Oh Snap! lands at number eight in NACS Top 10 Cool New Products of 2016
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Dilly Bites Fact Sheet

Our Dilly Bites make eating pickles even easier by slicing our classic dill pickle into perfectly sized snacking cuts. Pickle lovers of all ages agree – Dilly Bites are the perfect combination of flavor, crunch, and convenience.

Learn more by downloading the Dilly Bites fact sheet.

Hottie Bites Fact Sheet

Hottie Bites feature the kick of our Hottie whole dill pickle with the convenience of bite-size chunks. Spread them on your favorite sandwich, top off a zesty burger, or take that healthy salad to the next flavor level. Delivering the perfect combination of heat and flavor in every mouthwatering slice, Hottie Bites are the ideal on-the-go choice for snackers who like a little spice in their lives.

Learn more by downloading the Hottie Bites fact sheet.

Gone Dilly Fact Sheet

The Gone Dilly is our fresh whole kosher dill pickle. Seasoned with a great tasting, classic dill flavor, this individually wrapped pickle makes for easy snacking and less of a mess.

Learn more about our grab-and-go dill pickle by downloading the Gone Dilly fact sheet.

Hottie Fact Sheet

The Hottie is our whole dill pickle that gives your taste buds a little kick. Great tasting with just the right amount of heat, this hot pickle wakes up your snacking routine and packs a healthy, fresh crunch, too.

Learn more about this popular hot n’ spicy dill pickle by downloading the Hottie fact sheet.

Cool Beans Fact Sheet

Cool Beans are crisp, delicious pickled green beans with terrific appeal for snackers of all ages. Equally at home on the road or in a lunchbox, these unique treats are packaged with no added brine, so you can enjoy tremendous taste with less mess. Trust us, these beans are cool!

Learn more by downloading the Cool Beans fact sheet.

Carrot Cuties Fact Sheet

Crunchy, handy, and above all tasty, Carrot Cuties pack awesome snacking power into a practical pouch. If you’re looking for a healthy on-the-go snack that makes your mouth water and leaves your taste buds asking for more, dig into Carrot Cuties.

Learn more by downloading the Carrot Cuties fact sheet.

Pretty Peas Fact Sheet

These snappy snap peas boast a delightful dill kick that will quickly have you reaching for another zesty bite. Great as a standalone snack or as a companion for salads or sandwiches, Pretty Peas are a popular on-the-go option for discerning food fans who love the combination of flavor and convenience sealed in every pouch.

Learn more by downloading the Pretty Peas fact sheet.

About GLK Foods

For more than a century, GLK Foods has been a pioneering force in the world of sauerkraut and even became the world’s leading producer along the way.

Now, GLK Foods is innovating the pickle market with their recently launched Oh Snap! Pickling Co. brand.

Learn more about GLK Foods’ history by downloading our company history sheet.