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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got the answers to all your pickle questions. Have a question that isn't listed here? We're happy to help you! Please send us a message, and we'll get back to you.

Yes. Free standard shipping via FedEx Ground is available if the package can reach you in a reasonable delivery window. If your address lands outside this area, you will have an expedited shipping option (up to $15.00) available at checkout, based on the number of cases in your cart.

All orders over $85 are eligible to receive free 2nd-Day shipping.

Since OH SNAP! products require constant refrigeration, they will be shipped via FedEx Ground (Free for qualifying orders) if the address is within a reasonable delivery area. If your address is outside the reasonable delivery area will require expedited shipping and that option (up to $15.00) will be available at checkout. 2nd Day Shipping is Free on orders over $85.

Product will be shipped in a cooler box with several ice packs.

We want to make sure our products reach your doorstep in the best condition possible. We do not want your shipment sitting outside of refrigeration over the weekend at a transfer facility to then become spoiled. If products are left out of refrigeration too long, it could impact the flavor and texture of the products.

For now, OH SNAP! will only be shipping to the continental US. We offer free ground shipping to all locations when it can arrive within a reasonable delivery window. Should your address land outside of this area, expedited shipping will be an option at checkout ($15.00 or less, and Free on orders over $85).

Sorry, we are currently unable to ship to PO Boxes, APO, FPO, DPO addresses or any US territories. Shipping options will be calculated at checkout and will be paid by the customer.

Do not throw your products away just because the ice packs weren’t frozen when your package arrived. If the products are cool to the touch, they are just fine. Remember to put your products in refrigeration as soon as you are able!

Please contact us via email ohsnap@glkfoods.com if you are attempting to cancel your order. Depending on when the order was placed, we may not be able to cancel if it is already in process for shipping. Our inbox is monitored between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST, if you are contacting us outside of these times, we will get back to you as soon as we are available.

Once you receive your box of OH SNAP! goodies, admire them, take photos and tag us (if you wish to share), @ohshnappickles, and get them in the refrigerator as soon as you’re able! Please, do not put these items in the freezer or leave them out on your counter.

Unfortunately, what happens during the shipping process is out of our hands. Please take photos of any issues, include your order number, reach out to us via email ohsnap@glkfoods.com or via our contact page and we will do our best to handle it as best we can.

We are sorry to hear you did not care for the products you ordered. We do appreciate feedback from our consumers, and we thank you for that. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns and will not be able to refund your order.

Yes, to maintain the crunchy texture of the product. Pouches can be out of refrigeration for a few hours without a noticeable texture change.

Yes, all OH SNAP! products are Gluten-Free.

All of the cucumbers and veggies used in our OH SNAP! products are non-GMO.

Yes, our OH SNAP! products do not contain any animal derived ingredients. While Polysorbate 80 is used in our products, we use a plant based Polysorbate 80 with natural plant oil extracts to flavor our pickled products.

The natural flavors in OH SNAP! products are garlic, onion, and dill.

If the product becomes warm during transport from our manufacturing plant to the store location or is left out of refrigeration for an extended period, the product can become soft and mushy. It is certainly not our intent for this to happen, but we are not able to control whether the product is being maintained at the correct temperature once it leaves our facility.

Bloating in packages may occur when the product is left out of refrigeration for an extended period. This is not a food safety concern but may change the flavor of the product.

Yes, we are an allergen free facility.

Yes, our pouch supplier maintains certification that no BPA is present in the raw materials used to produce our pouches.

We use a plant based Polysorbate 80 with natural plant oil extracts to flavor our pickled products.

While we do not add brine to our pouches during the packaging process, pickles and pickled veggies contain a high percent of liquid. Through the shelf life of the product, a small amount of that liquid can wick from the product and collect in the bottom of the pouch. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

We use what we call a vinegar brine that includes water, vinegar, salt and other components to flavor and preserve.

No, the pickles and vegetables are placed into a vinegar brine and refrigerated to preserve shelf life.

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